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Front-End Developer, UX Designer & Italian Food Fanatic!
Daily UI :: 001 — Sign Up Page
Daily UI :: 001 — Sign Up Page

I completed the first of Daily UI’s 100 day design challenge. Here’s what I did, how I did it, my thoughts from the first day, and I already strongly recommend doing it!

Design A Sign Up Page.

I began by doing a little research on the internet to gain inspiration. After a few minutes of doing so, I had a couple ideas. For this first day I decided to do two different ‘takes’ on a sign up page. The first being a modern, minimalistic sign up page for a mobile app. …

I’m no minimalist in real life myself, not sure if I ever could be, but i’m in love with modern and minimalist UI/UXs. No one wants the headache of having to figure out how to navigate the site, or when pop-ups continue to pop up and I can’t even get to the part of figuring out how to navigate the complex site.

When building a site, it’s important that rather than focusing first on what components you’ll incorporate, try putting all your focus towards creating a wireframe. Nothing complex. If you’re not all that familiar with wireframes, grab a sheet…

I’ve tried learning many coding languages and even though I understood the concepts and always tinkered with each one, many were just not for me. Ruby, C, and Python were just some of the languages I’ve taken classes on that I had fun learning and making small projects with, but I didn’t feel the same sense of passion when it came to those, more back-end languages. I also explored with Php, a popular back-end language and while I didn’t like Php, I fell in love with it’s framework Laravel. …

Once upon a time I was introduced to HTML, CSS, and JS. Fast forward years later… I’ve taken numerous classes and have expanded my knowledge to the point where I not only feel confident in my ability to create modern, stunning, and even minimalistic, yet fully functional UIs that users fall in love with. Two of my relatives originally encouraged me to give HTML and CSS a shot. If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t super thrilled of the thought of code. I had always thought coding was very complex and there weren’t many people who did it, therefore there…

Matthew Marquise

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