My Experiences With Various Languages and Frameworks

I’ve tried learning many coding languages and even though I understood the concepts and always tinkered with each one, many were just not for me. Ruby, C, and Python were just some of the languages I’ve taken classes on that I had fun learning and making small projects with, but I didn’t feel the same sense of passion when it came to those, more back-end languages. I also explored with Php, a popular back-end language and while I didn’t like Php, I fell in love with it’s framework Laravel. I’m currently learning react, a more front-end focused framework in my opinion, and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m curious to know whether other front-end devs have decided they want to pursue front-end, because they don’t enjoy back-end languages as much. Or maybe because you just simply enjoy designing visual components and would rather that than code algorithms.

This was a shorter post, and please let me know wether you enjoy the shorter or longer posts. As always,

Thanks for reading!
~ Matthew Marquise



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